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When visiting our website , cookies are sent to your computer, mobile phone or digital tablet by our web server. In order to respond best to your expectations and needs, we use cookies in order for ex. to identify you and improve our services by consulting you "click path" on our website.

Definition of a cookie

Cookies are small bits of data sent by a website server to the browser on your computer in orderto collect information concerning your navigation and to send you services fitting to your terminal (computer, mobile phone or digital tablet) . Cookies are managed by your web browser (Firefeox, Internet Explorer, Safari ...).

Parameters of your web browser

You can at any moment choose to deactivate cokies via you web browser. You can accept or refuse cookies individually or simple refuse all cookies. We remind you that this can change the conditions governing accesss to our contents and services.

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, select the options Tools, then Internet Options.
Then, select General, and under Browser History, select Parameters, and finally.
Show All Files.


Go on "Tools" inside your web browser and select Private Life and select.
Show All Cookies


Inside your web browser, choose option menu and select Preferences.
Then, select Security and Show All Cookies.

Google Chrome

Select in the general menu Tools.
Select Options.
Choose Advances Options in order to get access to Privacy Policy.
Select Show All Cookies.